What is Fletch?

This page describes Fletch wallet and further describes what is contained within this document.

Fletch Wallet is an Aptos wallet for android, iOS & Chrome extension from which users can interact with Dapps and protocols built for the Aptos blockchain.

Fletch Wallet is user-friendly and is a fully decentralized Defi wallet on Aptos. Fletch Wallet can manage their tokens/NFTs, perform swaps, securely connect to websites, sign messages and do much more.

This documentation will explain how to easily integrate the Fletch Wallet and give your users a seamless web3 experience on Aptos.

In this documentation, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Connect to Fletch Wallet

  • Request to sign and submit transactions

  • Request to sign messages.

  • Identify common errors

Why Fletch Wallet?

Fletch Wallet is committed to providing mobile users in the Aptos ecosystem with a self-custody wallet service with a simple interface and a smooth dApp experience.

Why Aptos?

Aptos is a peculiar innovation; the Aptos blockchain differs from other blockchains in numerous ways. The wallet address and token system differ from other chains in that it protects users from being scammed by unknown tokens that randomly appear in users' wallets.

Protecting chain natives align with the goal of Fletch Wallet. Hence, we chose to build on Aptos.

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